Ride Ruins and Glory

Journal Entry (Rau)

Awaking in a fright from a nightmare, I found myself sitting straight up in my bed with an arrow clutched in my hand, posed to strike no one in the room. Recollecting myself and recounting the dream that I had, my mood quickly changed from its normal content mannerism to an overwhelming feeling of anger. What was I angry about? Perhaps it was my dream. Yes, the dream. I remember fragments.

The Gloaming forest range. I was hunting, gathering food for the night’s family dinner. Stag was a favored meal by my parents. I saw a beautiful 3 season buck, but I did not shoot. My bow was drawn. Something stopped me. Voices! A conversation was taking place nearby. As I crept closer to hear what they were discussing, a twig snapped under me. A quick glance down at the broken twig and back up reveiled the two pale faces with hollow eyes inches in front of my face.

Yes, that was my dream, but why was I mad? What were they discussing? These thoughts and the dream, kept recycling in my head as I angrily eat a mild breakfast. Deciding to limit my interaction with people around me, I sat in front of the hearth. Staring at the dancing flames, lost in time and thought.

I was brought back to reality, which only made me angry at the person, by a female halfling, dressed in tattered and weathered white robes. Without offering her name, she asked if I was with the company people called, ‘The Test Subjects’. Almost deciding not to answer her, I responded.

[Rau]: We have been called many names and yes, that is one of them.
[halfling]: Gather your company as I have important information that you all must hear.

She told us of a possible landing party in the northern portion of the island. That this party did not have honest intent of the island. Infact, she went on to portray them as the enemy she and Can had been fighting for some time. Hearing of the possibilities of who these people were part of, I was eager to deal pain. As Bane, Abe, and Talos went to the merchant shops to prep for the adventure, Lea and myself took to the trail immediately.

We covered some great distance before the rest of the party joined up. Comfortable that the rest were here, I decided to scout ahead as we neared an area known for highwaymen.

[quick encounter with a travelling dwarf]

[approach an fortress that has fallen into ruin. Overgrowth has taken over the landscape as vines and brushes have climbed its way to the top]

[encounter ensues after going through the open trap door]

[encounter ensues into the next room which housed a pair of stairways down to the main combat area. This encounter had the ‘healing pool’]



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