Talos Loses his mind

On their way back from the ruins, the party stops for a night. Bane sleeps comfortably inside Talos’ chest cavity in bat form. Suddenly, a warm hand encloses his body and shoves him into some sort of transparent container. The face attached to the hand grins gleefully as the figure shakes the container violently stunning Bane. Through blurry eyes, Bane watches as the figure stoops over Talos’ chest cavity and removes something glowing. The small impish creature lets forth a stifled giggle and bounds rapidly away into the night.

After recovering his wits, Bane nudges the cylinder container over to Leo’s sleeping form. Leo quickly opens the container so Bane can transform and they quickly rouse the entire camp. Talos is unresponsive and the group stoops over the warforge body. Patril enters Talos’ chest cavity and immediately notices a component missing and a timing device ticking down. After careful inspection, Patril determines a detonation device has been triggered with the removal of this component. Thinking the device magically Patril has Loreweaver help. Loreweaver deduces a large explosion will occur in 24 hours unless the component can be replaced.

Rau easily finds the creature’s tracks. Unable to move Talos, the party pursues the creature into the forest. After a few hours the tracks lead into a dark cave. The party moves in looking for traps. Down the tunnel, Leo notices a trap tied to the ceiling. Patril and Loreweaver disable the trap but not without it illuminating the entire cave for a brief flash. Creeping forward the group comes to a doorway. Inside stands rows of statues and towards the back of the room is the creature Bane saw.

A battle ensues between rows of stone like tentacle creatures and two imps. During the battle the group destroys many of these statue creatures. Eventually Bane finds their power source and turns them off. The imps doggedly attack the group. The imp Bane saw is pretty ineffective and yammers to itself throughout the entire battle. However, both imps seem to teleport players to another dimension.

In this dimension, the players see a room. On the walls of the room are Talos’ memories or information relating to him. The northern wall is taken up entirely by a large mural of an Artificier type engineer and a scene of an angel surrounded by other angels. The eastern wall contains an image of an Oracle and another of a pretty girl. The southern wall has a single image in the center of a fey world looking area. Lastly, the western wall has an image of a metal ship in the stars.

Leo talks to the oracle and the oracle teaches him to make a permanent teleportation circle.

Loreweaver ends up in the room several times. His first encounter is with the large mural. He determines the artificier isn’t an ordinary artificier but a maker of life force and manipulates universal items. He asks the mural a query on who the mural is. The mural replies with “I am the song of chaos and hope” and Loreweaver returns to the material plane. On the second trip he talks to the lady and figures out she is the daughter of the maker and helps him make things. During this communication he is shown creation of items and lessons on how to create items, however he doesn’t not speak the language and the 600 hours of instruction in less than a second does not understand much beyond general concepts.

Rau enters the dimension and asks the fey image for a piece of fruit from a tree in the image. He gathers 2 fruit this way. He also learns how to take care and where to plant the seeds if he wishes to grow one of the trees.

Patril enters the dimension and tries to get “lewt” from the girl’s portrait. He is set back into the material world unharmed, but graciously left his life.

Bane enters multiple times. First he enters in mist form and is able to see past the illusion of the room. What he sees is hellfire and demons. In particular the entire room is being peered into by a large demon. Bane identifies this demon as one someone makes deals with and as very powerful. After entering the room Bane talks to the large mural and figures out how to re-install the missing component once he finds the component. Bane later talks to the same mural and receives a neck piece of some sort. Later, Loreweaver identifies the token as a tracking devices. Bane finds out he is unable to remove the tracking device. He also asks the mural to help destroy the imps and is teleported back to the material world.

In the room, two lighting bolts obliterate the imps who were on the verge of death anyway. The group recovers the component, rushes back to Taloes, and installs the component before the large explosion that would of leveled the entire island is set off.



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