Unexpected Aid

Being woken up by Leo who was sitting straight up in his napsack, I gave little thought to the reasons why and rolled away. As I did, I noticed Leo’s sudden movement had alarmed Talos, who had him in his sights with the crossbow.

[Rau] muttering to himself: Typical sentry response.
[Bane]: No need for alarm, Talos. Prettyboy here must have had a nightmare.

It only seemed like a couple of moments before Leo was again awaken by some kind of nightmare. Again, this alarmed Talos. Only this time, he added a nightlight. I thought it to be more of a mockery rather than a friendly gesture. Before I was allowed to try and get some additional sleep Leo chimed in:

[Leo]: I heard chains on the other side of those double doors.

This brought the entire party to pay more attention and next thing I knew, the entire party was getting ready for what was going to be another exciting day.

After Bane had done his due diligence to check for any traps with the detail of a toothpick, Talos proceeded to open the massive double doors inward. It seemed that the doors only needed a nudge as they continued to slide open slowly even after Talos had stepped back from his mighty push. Oh, the stench from that room. Leo was unable to deal with the stench, gagging for fresh air, as the air equalized between the rooms.

Once we passed the doors, the corridor to a sharp right turn that opened to what could only be the main chamber of this fortress. Squinting, I could see a man dangling from his feet, which were chained to the ceiling, over a brightly glowing red rune on the floor. Three men, easily six and a half feet tall, carrying great swords which gave off a slight silvery glow. In the far back, a large reptilian looking creature stood tall and still, full of what I thought was pride.

[Rau]: Well, looks like this is going to be an interesting day.


Among the ruins of our enemies, we gathered:
4 Silver Greatswords
1 Silver Longsword

In the stack of crates we find 5,000gp and a single sapphire nesttled in an ornate crafted wooden box.



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