Traendithas Shortankard


Both of Sprocket’s parents died and he was raised by friends. Sprocket has/had great enmity for his parents. Sprocket has a younger sibling who pretend(s) that he isn’t there, if possible. The character’s family emigrated here by choice after Sprocket’s birth. How does the community react to Sprocket’s family? Well, truthfully, the family is reviled and hated. Sprocket has a single important enemy who want(s) to capture and torture him before killing him. Luckily, though, the character also has a single important friend and allies who have access to magic (pick either arcane or divine magic). As for companions, Sprocket has an unusual pet, a monkey if you can believe it. Grips, as he calls him, is known to have dealings with monsters and other exotic creatures.

Important Events

After being murdered, a close friend of the character returned from the grave as a shade. He tormented Sprocket’s homeland until Sprocket’s own hand sent the creature, his friend, to oblivion. The trauma of this event has given Sprocket a phobia of the undead. He could take this phobia to an extreme, incinerating corpses where he finds them, avoiding graveyards, and so on.

Sprocket has learned that once beloved members of his family oppose him in various ways (some are even evil). He knows that though he wants to do good, some family members see his actions as evil. Sprocket wishes to swade his relatives thought about his actions as good since he still has strong feelings for them.

Sprocket’s early efforts at some manner of mechanical endeavor were met with praise, resulting in an interest in that form of art that lasts to this day. Examples of art forms include pottery, metalcrafting, painting, glassblowing, and so on.

In recent times him and his brother moved to Talendire. Here he made his mark in the world, all be it a very small mark world marks go. Most notably known for his work on designing Talendire’s famous crane system. Having done so, he tends to stem a little on the overconfident side of things, even when logic or common sense say otherwise.

Always being tested by his beloved brother, Sparky, new inventions, contraptions, and explosions seem to be regular occurrences at their factory. With the wealth of inventors in Talendire, Sprocket only contributes to a small percentage of the towns wondrous items.

Traendithas Shortankard

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