Pillars of Light

Rau Featherheart wakes suddenly to the early morning hours of a crisp weekend. Sweet sounds of the sea coming from his window. The sweet smell of Talendire. Sweat was pouring from his face. Recollecting himself he tries to put his thoughts in order, quickly glancing at his half opened pack in the far corner of the room. There was no glow from it. Was that a dream or was I really wisked off into the far reaching of who-knows-where.

Shrugging off the thoughts, he made ready for the day and headed downstairs for a quick morning meal. Rau was greeted by Content Not Found: can_ who was prompt to recognize someone entering the room. “Where’s ”/campaigns/tallendire/characters/talos" class=“wiki-content-link”>Talos?", Rau asks. “System updates?”, laughing slightly at his own ridiculous attempt at morning humor. _Content Not Found: can answered “Yes.”

Content Not Found: tink_ showed up downstairs later in the day. “Aft’rnoon, sleepy.”, Rau asks. %{color: gray}_dialog%

By now, the tavern was in full swing, as was expected on a weekend. Economy was surprisingly good, given the recent attack. Perhaps that was what was driving the good economy. When things started settling back down a tattered dress, limping dwarf hobbles in on up to the bar. Tink, in his own way, overheard him looking for Content Not Found: bane_. Mag Waveharp pointed towards Rau Featherheart, Content Not Found: tink_, Leo and Content Not Found: can who were sitting in one of the more comfortable tables in the tavern. We were discussing the possibility of taking on a job out in the [body-of-water] sea when they were approached by the dwarf. He introduced himself as Derk. “Hello, gents. Derk be my name. Derk Stouthammer. Barkeep tells me you lot know where I might be able to find a prospect contact of mine. He goes by the nickname, Bane.” The rest of the party, not knowing how the dwarf new him, told him [insert-statement].

After a bit of story telling from Derk, he offered us a purse of 400gp and any additional treasure that we found along the way, to recover this light emitting diamond.

The party does some shopping

Rau, eager to make good use of the coin he earned from the previous adventure went and cleaned out the city of all of their Dual Arrows. This made him a good target for any cut-purse around town. [measly minion attack thwarted]

After navigating the sewers of Talendire for a short time, we came across a long narrow corridor. Scattered along the way we see remnants of sprung traps and unsuccessful adventurers.

[encounter of slit trap (slicing axe, hacks Derk’s backpack and contents in half)]

Oddly, short time afterwards there was what seemed to be daylight at the far end of the corridor.
Upon approaching the door, Content Not Found: tink_ did some preliminary investigation which resulted in _Content Not Found: can wrestling with a mirror. Afterwards everyone heard a yelp of pain. As everyone turned around to the source, found Derk had sprung an unseen trap, which resulted in his death.

Looking at the door that Can and Tink both saw, there was a quote etched into the door, left by the Circle of Druids. Obviously a warning to adventurers.

[description of area]
At the far end of the room sat the crystal, suspended in mid-air. This crystal was emitting an enormous amount of light and seemed to be feeding the various mirrors and pillars with their radiant glow of light.

combat ensues
After entering the room, Rau sent his pet, Spot to one of the shadowy spots against the wall. This resulted in him being dragged further towards the other side of the room and taking a small bit of damage.

Some cautious navigating resulted in a restless group as was evident on the fact that Can pushed the diamond from its hovering state. As any adventure would expect, this allowed a monster to emerge from it’s imprisoned state. Har’raq This was then closely followed by a huge wave of tentacles emerging from the shadowy portals along the two walls. Rau, after being attacked and dragged by one of these tentacles, took one of his arrows stabbed the creature and loaded the same arrow, shot another, killing it before it had the chance to advance to one of the party members. Being keen to staying away from these monsters, Rau moved to the far end of the room.

At this, Har’raq turned to Rau and spit a black material at the ground. Moving around this covered ground seemed to hinder Rau’s movement, but was able to escape the puddle of [stuff]. Once free, he took aim at Har’raq and fired a pair of arrows.

The onslaught of tentacles was not going away. However, Rau was either skillful or lucky enough to avoid their attacks. To keep damage focused on Har’raq, Rau unleashed a volley of arrows, with one landing [critical-spot]. Through all of this poor Spot was still taking attacks from the tentacles.

Can charges

Rau missed big 3[W] attack

Rau hits critical with Flying Steel for a whooping 69 damage

Then Rau is humiliated with pair of low rolls on a carefully aimed attack

Spot dies

To add insult to injury, Har’raq notified the tentacles to drag Rau all the way across the room, resulting in 40+ damage being inflicted. Afterwards, Rau spent his time, picking off as many of these minions as he could. While this was going on, he was able to make it to some consecrated ground that Leo had layed down earlier in the fight.

Hit with Twin dual arrows, making sure that both attacks hit Har’raq. Moved to a mirror and pointed it’s light source on a shadow portal. In preparation of the end of the battle, Rau positioned himself for the next round.

With some devastating blows from the other party members, Har’raq starts to frantically claw at the doorway that was walled off at the beginning of the battle. After squeezing into the small corridor, Rau sends a carefully guided arrow, killing the beast.

Among the 4 travellers

  • 1,000 experience
  • 6,000 gp
A Staggering Request
What bigger target than a noble's Noble?

The evening was uneventful, like the one before it and the one before that. It has been a while since there has been any work opportunities. One could assume since the serpent attack there would be loads of nobles looking for adventurers to go after the beast. Which brings me to the thought of how loyal my companions are. They didn’t even bother to warn a man when he’s on the john. Do you have any idea the nightmares I’ve had afterwards? After their battle, which is a lot more exciting than mine, was over, did they decide to scramble through the wreckage of our tavern, the Talon Dock Tavern. Anyways, your all sitting here to hear the story, not me rampage.

It all began with a glowing ball in the backpack. Quick transition to a pitch black room. A man on the far side, upon a throne, summoned us there. Made an offer for some items. Through the magical double doors at the other end of the room we went, the left one I might add. After stepping through the doorway, we find ourselves on a beach. How lovely. If only all contracts started out like this. Sadly, that was short-lived.

battle ensues between the following:

  • 1 red
  • 2 blue
    3 6 white (kept coming back alive – fire killed)

Turns out these guys were not guarding anything. Looked more like the first line of defense. …Defense for what?

The team and I took the path into the woods — cliche, i know — for a what seemed like an hour until we heard a rustle beyond sight off the side of the road.

some quick scouting

fight ensues with what turns out to be a treasure golem

fight continues with the appearance of an adult copper dragon

Treasure List

  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Unknown

For all the various reasons someone would be in the most cut throat town this side of Windlost island, the group finds themselves in bars drinking, alley ways passed out, bedrooms wenching, or temples praying. Well… maybe not in temples praying.

Aww… Tallendire “City of sea salt and sin.” The port only certain ‘merchants’ dock after miraculously finding goods on the seas… almost always from other ships.

Tallendire is regarded as best place to find the more shady or most daring mercenary work. Most shady and daring happens to also mean the most paid. Desperate nobles venture to find discrete assassins. Collectors know they can find thieves and adventurers to procure whatever artifact they may want. Even the Gods have been rumored to seek out talent only found in Tallendire. Needless to say, occupants are full of the roughest cut throats, sly sea dogs, and a few brave (and just as shady) shop keepers and tavern owners.

Although the majority of Tallendire are regarded as ruffians and mercenaries, some residents are there for purer reasons. Many temples are there to convert or recruit. Good Clerics see Tallendire as a challenge in expanding their order while evil clerics wish to swell their ranks of followers. Tallendire’s location and nature creates a perfect safe haven from rule of organized countries. Residents have freedom and atonomy from the overreaching arm of countries. As a result, inventors, researchers, and business owners operate out of Tallendire.

Only one thing keeps the city in a semblance of order, the city watch. These aren’t soldiers fully employed by the city, but really just a large mercenary band paid by the city. At any given time, no one knows how many city watch exist as members constantly take mercenary jobs. Anyone can be hired on as the City Watch at any time, but the pay is minimal and only the desperate or vengeful take up employment. The threat of anyone ‘legally’ murdering another keeps everyone pretty civil. The entire city works with one simple rule as well. If you’re doing something illegal, don’t get caught or have enough gold to pay off the watch.

Aww… Tallendire. Your favorite place in the whole world.

port of sail ships

Tallendire is also the last stop in the Lhazaar Principalities before Lastpoint island, a notorious area where the Prince Kel, The Gray Tide leader, resides. As notorious as the name of these islands and the prince are, few know much about them or the inner workings of the The Gray Tide. However, many uneducated folks have a rumor they proclaim as truth and many bar fights have erupted over the years between these fools.


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