A Grove For A Price
With great potential of power comes many enemies.

Crisp morning rays awaken most patrons and matrons in the rooms of the Tavern Name. Down below, Maggie is diligently prepping breakfast for the crew to arrive. While the bacon sears, she brings a cup of coffee to Talos whom as usual states:

Talos: ‘This unit requires no liquid substance to sustain elevated awareness levels.’
Maggie: ‘Oh, fair enough. I’m just being polite.’

The smell of a good breakfast always brought people from their beds to downstairs. Sure enough in a few moments time, Eldritch, Lau, and Bane were all thanking Maggie and grabbing their share.

Bane: I’m going to head over to Sparky and Sprocket’s. I’ve got some ideas about our dragon ship and I am sure they can help in some way.

Lau finishes his meal, pays handsomely for it, which Maggie always appreciated, and sat down to his favorite chair, which was located right in front of the hearth.

Just after the breakfast hours ended (though Maggie was always pleased to serve which ever meal was asked) Lep, casually walks in and sets herself down to one of the tables where she minds her own.

The Dragon Ship

As most adventures begin, everyone is being lazy in the tavern waiting for the next challenge to burst in. A city guard nearly bursts the door off the hinges as he run in with Sparky on his heels. A mysterious Apparatus of Kwalish washed on shore. Inside was a powerful undead creature that was subdued after a few city watch casualties. More importantly the undead corpse had a letter bound by magic to only be opened by Leohben Wyrmsbane. Leo reads the letter but does not share any information with his team. He only asks them to help in a personal matter. Patril, always eager for money, couldn’t resist asking if there was a reward involved. Leo does reveal there is potential for handsome reward. The team accepts and they go to investigate the apparatus.

Talos and Elder determine the corpse has a necrotic contaminate that is spreadable like a disease. The guards who searched are quarantined after some investigation. Meanwhile, Budder is trying some red-neck ingenuity to weaponize the apparatus and Leo is preoccupied with the gross stain the undead man left next to the pilot seat. Evidently the stain was left after he died and fell out of the chair.

After wisely purchasing underwater gear and undead battle material, the company sets off to the coordinates on Leo’s letter. After submerging to the bottom of those coordinates they find wreckage of the great battle that happened, but no bodies. Although, the adventurers can only see as far as their lights. Everything was on top of what they think was a huge underwater mountain range riddled with holes. They adventurers enter a hole and it eventually leads to a chamber where they can walk free of water, but they must leave the apparatus behind. They encounter cave slime and bottle some up. They descend to the heart of the mountain.

Suddenly they hear clacking and groaning echoing from all directions in all the small holes riddling the larger passage. The sound grows louder as they come to an opening. The opening leads to a room with evident signs of workmanship. Two giant doors are in front of them. Two braziers are unlit on each side of the entrance. Also, some necrotic energy seeps from the ground. As the group fans out exploring the cave the clacking grows.

Disembodied hands crawl out of the holes at one end. Pieces of bodies come out of another end using ligaments, joints, or undead flesh to crawl along the floors. A tentacled create drops from the ceiling onto one area of the necrotic seepage. Another humanoid creature with three skulls drops into the other seepage area. The adventurers struggle with the groping hands and body parts while completely disabling the tentacled creature. The skeleton lord rains fire, ice, and raises dead body parts. Budder streaks across charging and harassing the bone skeleton while everyone else destroys the minions and tentacled creature.

After the battle the examine a dais in the middle of the room with a puzzle. After three attempts the adventurers figure out the puzzle to unlock the doors. Meanwhile Patril flies through the caves ultimately becoming disoriented, but does make it to the room on the other side before anyone else.

The room has three large tunnels coming in and a gargantuan cargo ship, with a dragon head at it’s haul, moored inside the cave. Signs of explosive rigging has been put on the ceiling. Two boulders are on either side of the ship. Inspections show they are new and were carved out of the ceiling. Elemental seepage is all around the ship’s haul.

Leo rushes down to the cargo hold and finds signs of someone living in the cargo hold recently. Ranting and raving pages of a journal are found. Presumably the ship’s captain. By this time he has let the others know this is a rescue mission for a pirate captain who was a childhood friend. She was the thief while he was the distraction during their childhood on the streets. But, he shares no more.

The rest of the team set about examining the explosive rigging and looking to explode some of the three tunnels coming into the cave. They hope to collapse the caves and therefore reduce any interference from them. After failed attempts to explode the caves, the clacking and moaning begins again. The undead have been wakened by the booms of their explosions. Something also moves under the water behind the ship.

An impossible fight the DM has rigged begins. An undead spectral kraken raises from the depths behind the ship. Three bone summoners emerge. Two fire skeletons with nasty fire auras rush in. A host of undead minion hands and body parts crawl forward. After some traditional fighting, the group realizes this is a TPK (total party kill) unless they can figure something out! They get on the ship and detonate the ceiling explosives!

Bursting upward a bubble surrounds the ship rocketing to the surface. But the kraken has solidified and is hanging on tight! As the party works to destroy the tentacles holding on, Talos watches the kraken fade in and out of substantial and phasing. He decides during a phasing and insubstantial time to run inside the kraken and burst all his holy waters he had equipped himself with in town. As he enters the kraken his telepathy picks up warring personalities inside the kraken. One is a woman’s voice, the other is a harsh voice of the kraken. As he bursts the holy water he communicates with the woman. He sees flashes of images he has chosen not to disclose to the party and is relayed that the woman is trapped somehow inside the kraken. As the kraken solidifies around him, Talos becomes trapped. However the kraken is not suppose to have a war-forged or holy water inside of it’s head and takes massive damage. Budder charges forward for the final blow rending open the kraken’s head to reveal Talos inside.

As the kraken dissipates a small crystal skull is left on deck. Talos quickly figures out the woman’s consciousness is somehow linked to the crystal skull. Leo asks for the skull and it tells him how to activate something on the ship for when the break the surface. Leo runs to the control room and activates the sequence saving the party from having to roll significant athletic saves to remain on the ship when it suddenly bursts through to the surface.

They later deduce the woman’s voice is Leo’s childhood friend’s voice. The ship’s sails are dragon wings and the ship is built on top of an ancient dragon’s bones. The rest, is to be continued…

GM Special Notes: I wanted to challenge the group to think outside of the regular combat rules. I also wanted to introduce terrain that could be used in battles. Cave slime, elemental seepage, boulders, even braziers can be turned into weapons or have strategic value. The group used most of these although I think they were looking forward to a challenging battle and not a TPK :) I also tried to emerge them into the story with aged paper letters and journal entries. Lastly, I introduced a puzzle to remind everyone that non-combat encounters can exist. Despite the frustration over the TPK I think this was a memorial session! (At least I hope it was!)

Bane's Past

Placeholder for Bane’s back story adventure

Talos Loses his mind

On their way back from the ruins, the party stops for a night. Bane sleeps comfortably inside Talos’ chest cavity in bat form. Suddenly, a warm hand encloses his body and shoves him into some sort of transparent container. The face attached to the hand grins gleefully as the figure shakes the container violently stunning Bane. Through blurry eyes, Bane watches as the figure stoops over Talos’ chest cavity and removes something glowing. The small impish creature lets forth a stifled giggle and bounds rapidly away into the night.

After recovering his wits, Bane nudges the cylinder container over to Leo’s sleeping form. Leo quickly opens the container so Bane can transform and they quickly rouse the entire camp. Talos is unresponsive and the group stoops over the warforge body. Patril enters Talos’ chest cavity and immediately notices a component missing and a timing device ticking down. After careful inspection, Patril determines a detonation device has been triggered with the removal of this component. Thinking the device magically Patril has Loreweaver help. Loreweaver deduces a large explosion will occur in 24 hours unless the component can be replaced.

Rau easily finds the creature’s tracks. Unable to move Talos, the party pursues the creature into the forest. After a few hours the tracks lead into a dark cave. The party moves in looking for traps. Down the tunnel, Leo notices a trap tied to the ceiling. Patril and Loreweaver disable the trap but not without it illuminating the entire cave for a brief flash. Creeping forward the group comes to a doorway. Inside stands rows of statues and towards the back of the room is the creature Bane saw.

A battle ensues between rows of stone like tentacle creatures and two imps. During the battle the group destroys many of these statue creatures. Eventually Bane finds their power source and turns them off. The imps doggedly attack the group. The imp Bane saw is pretty ineffective and yammers to itself throughout the entire battle. However, both imps seem to teleport players to another dimension.

In this dimension, the players see a room. On the walls of the room are Talos’ memories or information relating to him. The northern wall is taken up entirely by a large mural of an Artificier type engineer and a scene of an angel surrounded by other angels. The eastern wall contains an image of an Oracle and another of a pretty girl. The southern wall has a single image in the center of a fey world looking area. Lastly, the western wall has an image of a metal ship in the stars.

Leo talks to the oracle and the oracle teaches him to make a permanent teleportation circle.

Loreweaver ends up in the room several times. His first encounter is with the large mural. He determines the artificier isn’t an ordinary artificier but a maker of life force and manipulates universal items. He asks the mural a query on who the mural is. The mural replies with “I am the song of chaos and hope” and Loreweaver returns to the material plane. On the second trip he talks to the lady and figures out she is the daughter of the maker and helps him make things. During this communication he is shown creation of items and lessons on how to create items, however he doesn’t not speak the language and the 600 hours of instruction in less than a second does not understand much beyond general concepts.

Rau enters the dimension and asks the fey image for a piece of fruit from a tree in the image. He gathers 2 fruit this way. He also learns how to take care and where to plant the seeds if he wishes to grow one of the trees.

Patril enters the dimension and tries to get “lewt” from the girl’s portrait. He is set back into the material world unharmed, but graciously left his life.

Bane enters multiple times. First he enters in mist form and is able to see past the illusion of the room. What he sees is hellfire and demons. In particular the entire room is being peered into by a large demon. Bane identifies this demon as one someone makes deals with and as very powerful. After entering the room Bane talks to the large mural and figures out how to re-install the missing component once he finds the component. Bane later talks to the same mural and receives a neck piece of some sort. Later, Loreweaver identifies the token as a tracking devices. Bane finds out he is unable to remove the tracking device. He also asks the mural to help destroy the imps and is teleported back to the material world.

In the room, two lighting bolts obliterate the imps who were on the verge of death anyway. The group recovers the component, rushes back to Taloes, and installs the component before the large explosion that would of leveled the entire island is set off.

Aliens in the Ruins

Our adventurers hear about abberant creatures that are attacking the mainland are now trying to create a base on the island Tallendire resides on. They will be paid per death of these creatures and are given a magical counter items attuned to their essence to count.

On the way to the ruins the party encounters a dwarf who is small even for his kind. Rou believes the dwarf to know more than he says and causes the dwarf to scream and run in terror. After interrogating the dwarf to some’s boredom and to the dwarf’s wits end Rou believes he is of no more use. The party is now faced with a dilemma as they unwittingly gave the dwarf information in their interrogation. Some wish to kill the dwarf to not risk the party’s safety. At this the dwarf begins to panic soiling himself. Someone knocks him unconscious to keep him from running. They gently place him under a tree with a fallen branch and cover all tracks. The idea is he will wake up and think it was all a dream and he was knocked out by a falling tree branch.

At the ruins many battles ensue with creatures from another world with teleportation abilities. During the house cleaning tasks they uncover a room with a unique healing pool. In one area they help a barbarian named Budder escape from captivity. After annihilating some creatures, Budder disappears in the night.

With the dungeon cleared, the party prepares themselves for the trip home to Tallendire.

Unexpected Aid

Being woken up by Leo who was sitting straight up in his napsack, I gave little thought to the reasons why and rolled away. As I did, I noticed Leo’s sudden movement had alarmed Talos, who had him in his sights with the crossbow.

[Rau] muttering to himself: Typical sentry response.
[Bane]: No need for alarm, Talos. Prettyboy here must have had a nightmare.

It only seemed like a couple of moments before Leo was again awaken by some kind of nightmare. Again, this alarmed Talos. Only this time, he added a nightlight. I thought it to be more of a mockery rather than a friendly gesture. Before I was allowed to try and get some additional sleep Leo chimed in:

[Leo]: I heard chains on the other side of those double doors.

This brought the entire party to pay more attention and next thing I knew, the entire party was getting ready for what was going to be another exciting day.

After Bane had done his due diligence to check for any traps with the detail of a toothpick, Talos proceeded to open the massive double doors inward. It seemed that the doors only needed a nudge as they continued to slide open slowly even after Talos had stepped back from his mighty push. Oh, the stench from that room. Leo was unable to deal with the stench, gagging for fresh air, as the air equalized between the rooms.

Once we passed the doors, the corridor to a sharp right turn that opened to what could only be the main chamber of this fortress. Squinting, I could see a man dangling from his feet, which were chained to the ceiling, over a brightly glowing red rune on the floor. Three men, easily six and a half feet tall, carrying great swords which gave off a slight silvery glow. In the far back, a large reptilian looking creature stood tall and still, full of what I thought was pride.

[Rau]: Well, looks like this is going to be an interesting day.


Among the ruins of our enemies, we gathered:
4 Silver Greatswords
1 Silver Longsword

In the stack of crates we find 5,000gp and a single sapphire nesttled in an ornate crafted wooden box.

Ride Ruins and Glory

Journal Entry (Rau)

Awaking in a fright from a nightmare, I found myself sitting straight up in my bed with an arrow clutched in my hand, posed to strike no one in the room. Recollecting myself and recounting the dream that I had, my mood quickly changed from its normal content mannerism to an overwhelming feeling of anger. What was I angry about? Perhaps it was my dream. Yes, the dream. I remember fragments.

The Gloaming forest range. I was hunting, gathering food for the night’s family dinner. Stag was a favored meal by my parents. I saw a beautiful 3 season buck, but I did not shoot. My bow was drawn. Something stopped me. Voices! A conversation was taking place nearby. As I crept closer to hear what they were discussing, a twig snapped under me. A quick glance down at the broken twig and back up reveiled the two pale faces with hollow eyes inches in front of my face.

Yes, that was my dream, but why was I mad? What were they discussing? These thoughts and the dream, kept recycling in my head as I angrily eat a mild breakfast. Deciding to limit my interaction with people around me, I sat in front of the hearth. Staring at the dancing flames, lost in time and thought.

I was brought back to reality, which only made me angry at the person, by a female halfling, dressed in tattered and weathered white robes. Without offering her name, she asked if I was with the company people called, ‘The Test Subjects’. Almost deciding not to answer her, I responded.

[Rau]: We have been called many names and yes, that is one of them.
[halfling]: Gather your company as I have important information that you all must hear.

She told us of a possible landing party in the northern portion of the island. That this party did not have honest intent of the island. Infact, she went on to portray them as the enemy she and Can had been fighting for some time. Hearing of the possibilities of who these people were part of, I was eager to deal pain. As Bane, Abe, and Talos went to the merchant shops to prep for the adventure, Lea and myself took to the trail immediately.

We covered some great distance before the rest of the party joined up. Comfortable that the rest were here, I decided to scout ahead as we neared an area known for highwaymen.

[quick encounter with a travelling dwarf]

[approach an fortress that has fallen into ruin. Overgrowth has taken over the landscape as vines and brushes have climbed its way to the top]

[encounter ensues after going through the open trap door]

[encounter ensues into the next room which housed a pair of stairways down to the main combat area. This encounter had the ‘healing pool’]

Pillars of Light

Rau Featherheart wakes suddenly to the early morning hours of a crisp weekend. Sweet sounds of the sea coming from his window. The sweet smell of Talendire. Sweat was pouring from his face. Recollecting himself he tries to put his thoughts in order, quickly glancing at his half opened pack in the far corner of the room. There was no glow from it. Was that a dream or was I really wisked off into the far reaching of who-knows-where.

Shrugging off the thoughts, he made ready for the day and headed downstairs for a quick morning meal. Rau was greeted by Content Not Found: can_ who was prompt to recognize someone entering the room. “Where’s ”/campaigns/tallendire/characters/talos" class=“wiki-content-link”>Talos?", Rau asks. “System updates?”, laughing slightly at his own ridiculous attempt at morning humor. _Content Not Found: can answered “Yes.”

Content Not Found: tink_ showed up downstairs later in the day. “Aft’rnoon, sleepy.”, Rau asks. %{color: gray}_dialog%

By now, the tavern was in full swing, as was expected on a weekend. Economy was surprisingly good, given the recent attack. Perhaps that was what was driving the good economy. When things started settling back down a tattered dress, limping dwarf hobbles in on up to the bar. Tink, in his own way, overheard him looking for Content Not Found: bane_. Mag Waveharp pointed towards Rau Featherheart, Content Not Found: tink_, Leo and Content Not Found: can who were sitting in one of the more comfortable tables in the tavern. We were discussing the possibility of taking on a job out in the [body-of-water] sea when they were approached by the dwarf. He introduced himself as Derk. “Hello, gents. Derk be my name. Derk Stouthammer. Barkeep tells me you lot know where I might be able to find a prospect contact of mine. He goes by the nickname, Bane.” The rest of the party, not knowing how the dwarf new him, told him [insert-statement].

After a bit of story telling from Derk, he offered us a purse of 400gp and any additional treasure that we found along the way, to recover this light emitting diamond.

The party does some shopping

Rau, eager to make good use of the coin he earned from the previous adventure went and cleaned out the city of all of their Dual Arrows. This made him a good target for any cut-purse around town. [measly minion attack thwarted]

After navigating the sewers of Talendire for a short time, we came across a long narrow corridor. Scattered along the way we see remnants of sprung traps and unsuccessful adventurers.

[encounter of slit trap (slicing axe, hacks Derk’s backpack and contents in half)]

Oddly, short time afterwards there was what seemed to be daylight at the far end of the corridor.
Upon approaching the door, Content Not Found: tink_ did some preliminary investigation which resulted in _Content Not Found: can wrestling with a mirror. Afterwards everyone heard a yelp of pain. As everyone turned around to the source, found Derk had sprung an unseen trap, which resulted in his death.

Looking at the door that Can and Tink both saw, there was a quote etched into the door, left by the Circle of Druids. Obviously a warning to adventurers.

[description of area]
At the far end of the room sat the crystal, suspended in mid-air. This crystal was emitting an enormous amount of light and seemed to be feeding the various mirrors and pillars with their radiant glow of light.

combat ensues
After entering the room, Rau sent his pet, Spot to one of the shadowy spots against the wall. This resulted in him being dragged further towards the other side of the room and taking a small bit of damage.

Some cautious navigating resulted in a restless group as was evident on the fact that Can pushed the diamond from its hovering state. As any adventure would expect, this allowed a monster to emerge from it’s imprisoned state. Har’raq This was then closely followed by a huge wave of tentacles emerging from the shadowy portals along the two walls. Rau, after being attacked and dragged by one of these tentacles, took one of his arrows stabbed the creature and loaded the same arrow, shot another, killing it before it had the chance to advance to one of the party members. Being keen to staying away from these monsters, Rau moved to the far end of the room.

At this, Har’raq turned to Rau and spit a black material at the ground. Moving around this covered ground seemed to hinder Rau’s movement, but was able to escape the puddle of [stuff]. Once free, he took aim at Har’raq and fired a pair of arrows.

The onslaught of tentacles was not going away. However, Rau was either skillful or lucky enough to avoid their attacks. To keep damage focused on Har’raq, Rau unleashed a volley of arrows, with one landing [critical-spot]. Through all of this poor Spot was still taking attacks from the tentacles.

Can charges

Rau missed big 3[W] attack

Rau hits critical with Flying Steel for a whooping 69 damage

Then Rau is humiliated with pair of low rolls on a carefully aimed attack

Spot dies

To add insult to injury, Har’raq notified the tentacles to drag Rau all the way across the room, resulting in 40+ damage being inflicted. Afterwards, Rau spent his time, picking off as many of these minions as he could. While this was going on, he was able to make it to some consecrated ground that Leo had layed down earlier in the fight.

Hit with Twin dual arrows, making sure that both attacks hit Har’raq. Moved to a mirror and pointed it’s light source on a shadow portal. In preparation of the end of the battle, Rau positioned himself for the next round.

With some devastating blows from the other party members, Har’raq starts to frantically claw at the doorway that was walled off at the beginning of the battle. After squeezing into the small corridor, Rau sends a carefully guided arrow, killing the beast.

Among the 4 travellers

  • 1,000 experience
  • 6,000 gp
A Staggering Request
What bigger target than a noble's Noble?

The evening was uneventful, like the one before it and the one before that. It has been a while since there has been any work opportunities. One could assume since the serpent attack there would be loads of nobles looking for adventurers to go after the beast. Which brings me to the thought of how loyal my companions are. They didn’t even bother to warn a man when he’s on the john. Do you have any idea the nightmares I’ve had afterwards? After their battle, which is a lot more exciting than mine, was over, did they decide to scramble through the wreckage of our tavern, the Talon Dock Tavern. Anyways, your all sitting here to hear the story, not me rampage.

It all began with a glowing ball in the backpack. Quick transition to a pitch black room. A man on the far side, upon a throne, summoned us there. Made an offer for some items. Through the magical double doors at the other end of the room we went, the left one I might add. After stepping through the doorway, we find ourselves on a beach. How lovely. If only all contracts started out like this. Sadly, that was short-lived.

battle ensues between the following:

  • 1 red
  • 2 blue
    3 6 white (kept coming back alive – fire killed)

Turns out these guys were not guarding anything. Looked more like the first line of defense. …Defense for what?

The team and I took the path into the woods — cliche, i know — for a what seemed like an hour until we heard a rustle beyond sight off the side of the road.

some quick scouting

fight ensues with what turns out to be a treasure golem

fight continues with the appearance of an adult copper dragon

Treasure List

  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Unknown

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