City of Tallendire


Tallendire Intro


Tallendire is located in Ebberon’s Continent of Khorvaire in the Lhazaar Principalities.

Key Areas

  • Talons Tallendire docks are in the middle of a bay with two ‘claws’ coming close to connecting. The claws are called the Talons.
  • Sewers Tallendire has an intricate network of sewers used for various reasons.


Tallendire is ran by a council of ‘nobles.’ The nobles consist of the business class and inventors moved to Tallendire due to the free nature of Tallendire. The council has a loose agreement with gangs of Tallendire to not interfere with the gangs work if the gangs don’t steal, plunder, or otherwise disturb the nobles. The gangs pay tribute to The Don who has a place on the council. The Don keeps order between the gangs and prevents chaos from erupting. The gangs can tax their regions, and in turn the council taxes the gangs. Nobles also pay taxes the gang that owns the region their shops or businesses reside in called a ‘protection fee.’ The taxes go toward paying upkeep on the city and paying the city watch. The gangs are free to loot and steal from any visitors or anyone who hasn’t paid their taxes.

City of Tallendire

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