The Dragon ship

Places Outside – Deck

The top most level is the helm with the ship’s wheel
Deck level 3

In the front of the ship is a platform to look forward. In the rear is a room and stairs leading up to the helm and stairs leading down to the deck.
Deck level 2

The deck has a store room in the front, a common room and the captains room in back, and a room in the middle for quick deck storage. From the deck there are stairs to a forward platform, stairs leading to the second level and eventually up to the helm, and stairs going down in the center of the ship below. Additionally there is a covered bay area to help store items inside the ship easily.
Deck level 1

Places Inside

The second level inside the ship is where the crew and passengers sleep. It also has some additional storage space.
2nd level inside

The very bottom of the ship is left wide open for storage.
1st level inside

The Dragon ship

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