A Grove For A Price

With great potential of power comes many enemies.

Crisp morning rays awaken most patrons and matrons in the rooms of the Tavern Name. Down below, Maggie is diligently prepping breakfast for the crew to arrive. While the bacon sears, she brings a cup of coffee to Talos whom as usual states:

Talos: ‘This unit requires no liquid substance to sustain elevated awareness levels.’
Maggie: ‘Oh, fair enough. I’m just being polite.’

The smell of a good breakfast always brought people from their beds to downstairs. Sure enough in a few moments time, Eldritch, Lau, and Bane were all thanking Maggie and grabbing their share.

Bane: I’m going to head over to Sparky and Sprocket’s. I’ve got some ideas about our dragon ship and I am sure they can help in some way.

Lau finishes his meal, pays handsomely for it, which Maggie always appreciated, and sat down to his favorite chair, which was located right in front of the hearth.

Just after the breakfast hours ended (though Maggie was always pleased to serve which ever meal was asked) Lep, casually walks in and sets herself down to one of the tables where she minds her own.



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