Aliens in the Ruins

Our adventurers hear about abberant creatures that are attacking the mainland are now trying to create a base on the island Tallendire resides on. They will be paid per death of these creatures and are given a magical counter items attuned to their essence to count.

On the way to the ruins the party encounters a dwarf who is small even for his kind. Rou believes the dwarf to know more than he says and causes the dwarf to scream and run in terror. After interrogating the dwarf to some’s boredom and to the dwarf’s wits end Rou believes he is of no more use. The party is now faced with a dilemma as they unwittingly gave the dwarf information in their interrogation. Some wish to kill the dwarf to not risk the party’s safety. At this the dwarf begins to panic soiling himself. Someone knocks him unconscious to keep him from running. They gently place him under a tree with a fallen branch and cover all tracks. The idea is he will wake up and think it was all a dream and he was knocked out by a falling tree branch.

At the ruins many battles ensue with creatures from another world with teleportation abilities. During the house cleaning tasks they uncover a room with a unique healing pool. In one area they help a barbarian named Budder escape from captivity. After annihilating some creatures, Budder disappears in the night.

With the dungeon cleared, the party prepares themselves for the trip home to Tallendire.



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